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CTP Software

We’ve taken best practices from our real world deployments and packaged them into software solutions.

Take advantage of the many benefits of custom development at a fraction of the cost.


Intranet Toolkit

Our intranet toolkit is designed to help get your intranet up and running in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Brand your intranet the easy way

The toolkit is designed from the start to be highly configurable and easily branded. Basic aesthetic changes and branding are part of the package, but additional or modified functionality and heavier structural changes are also easily supported.

Intuitive Inline Editing

The toolkit is designed as a native SharePoint application. SharePoint lists serve as the base data structure, and manually editing the lists is an option for SharePoint power-users, but for most people, the easy and intuitive inline editing and drag drop interfaces will provide a richer experience.

Fully Responsive Design

Designed to work across devices, the Toolkit dynamically adapts to its display surface, compensating for SharePoint’s limited support for mobile devices. The Toolkit is designed to fill the mobile gap for the most highly used features.

Built for the Modern Web

The Intranet Toolkit is built on the back of modern web technology, including HTML5, CSS3, and Angular JS, in order to provide a richer experience and support all devices and browsers supported by Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

Built for the Cloud

The Toolkit is optimized to work with SharePoint Online, taking full advantage of the SharePoint REST API and building most of the functionality using client side tools. The Toolkit is also supported in on-premises and hybrid environments.